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Meet Chris Boss

Pharmacist, certified personal trainer, certified Pilates instructor, natural pro bodybuilder, Christine Boss believes there are no rules, only choices. Whether you want to tone, build muscle, or manage your weight, Christine can help you reach your goals. 

With over 25 years experience in the health industry, Christine can provide invaluable guidance for those with special health conditions.

Do you have Diabetes, high blood pressure, suffer from obesity, depression, arthritis or loss of bone density?

Christine is in an unique position to work with both clients and their doctors to maximize treatments to the best advantage.

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Physician Services


Christine is a Registered Pharmacist and Certified personal trainer with 25 years experience helping people find better health.   She studied Biomedical Science as an undergraduate at Texas A&M University and is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Houston College of Pharmacy.


Christine personally counsels and educates clients to help them manage medical issues and reach fitness levels once accepted as unobtainable.  Overweight clients experience real weight loss from fat (not from water and muscle loss like fad diets and weight loss centers).  This type of weight loss results in lower blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.  The need for Rx drugs is decreased or even eliminated altogether!

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The Plan

Core Intervention will provide all the ingredients you will need to succeed..you just add the will.

PLANNING is the key:

- PLAN nutrition - proper nutrition is critical to success. There will be no gray areas when you work with me.  You will learn exactly how food affects you and when to eat what.

- PLAN exercise - proper frequency, intensity and form will not only prevent injuries, it will allow you to make the progress you were unable to make on your own.

- PLAN rest and recovery - proper time to rest allows the body to repair and grow.  Overtraining diminishes gains.  Learn to recognize the signs of overtraining so you will get the dream body you worked so hard for.


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The Training

I know you can get the body of your dreams. You have to believe it too. I will help you develop and execute the plan. If you follow it and have patience great things will happen.

Training sessions begin based on your fitness level and goals.

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The Studio

The Firm U
Personal Training and Fitness Center

16143 N. Eldridge, Ste. 25
1/2 block South from Spring Cypress and N. Eldridge 

PFIT Exam Students / Graduates

As an examiner, personal trainer, pharmacist and business owner, I know first hand the excitement and challenges each of you will experience in the upcoming weeks, months and years to come.

Core Intervention is pleased to offer assistance exclusively to PFIT students.

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Corporate Services


Christine Boss

Houston, Texas



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