Core Intervention offers a comprehensive healing and wellness program that is laser focused on maximizing the health of our clients by increasing oxygen utilization


NOTHING is more critical to our being alive than oxygen

The BioFirm System

The ONLY way to perfect health is by maximizing ATP energy production at the cellular level.


Oxygen must be utilized within the cell to produce this energy that keeps you running, repairing and well.


If you are overweight, not performing 100%, have a chronic medical condition or rely on caffeine or other stimulants to keep you going, you need to improve your ability to utilize oxygen.

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Our Focus

When patients come in seeking advice, they are always asked to name their primary issue or concern. The most common ones are weight loss, fatigue, digestive disorders, symptoms of hormone deficiencies, fear of a heart attack or cancer, auto immune conditions, poor memory, arthritis, PCOS and diabetes.


Both disease and good health involve a complex interplay of many factors. It is naïve to think that either a pharmaceutical drug or a vitamin pill will cure a major disease. Of course, it comes as no surprise to you that many times it requires a radical change in lifestyle, as well as diet. Overwhelming as it seems, you are not helpless in cleaning up your act.


Our focus is not to treat diseases themselves but to pinpoint your catabolic or anabolic imbalance (something is screwed with your ability to produce energy) and correct it so the body can use its innate ability to heal itself as it has done since the beginning of time before “affordable health care” acts and expensive health insurance policies.


Biochemistry and sound scientific literature, not hocus pocus fads, marketing gimmicks or cookie-cutter protocols, are used in effective simple ways to direct you to your goal.

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