Bio-Mechanical Evaluation

Don’t fall apart now. You have too much still left to do.

Reduce the risk of injury and also improve performance.

A Biomechanical evaluation performed by Robert Davenport takes about 1-1 ½ hr. It consists of gait analysis and assessment of all major joints and muscles to identify any weakness, tightness, or postural distortions.


Whether your movement patterns are created by stroke, injury, disability, surgery, sports related, sitting at your desk too long every day or you just want to start an exercise program this evaluation will enlighten you and leave you with exact instructions regarding how to make corrections and progress.


If you work out “on your own” a musculoskeletal bio-mechanical evaluation is an invaluable tool to ensure that your workouts are in proper form and that the exercises you choose are not reinforcing postural distortions or instabilities you may not be aware that you even have. If your goal is to increase lean body mass, proper alignment and stability are critical for optimizing muscle development.

Exercising with instabilities will eventually cause joint pain then injury. Even professional athletes can develop postural distortions that they are unaware of that prevent them from performing optimally.


Robert will also be able to give you an Exercise Prescription to fix biomechanical dysfunctions and instruct you how to protect your knees, back, shoulders and hips from future unnecessary deterioration.


Contact: Robert Davenport

Certified Exercise Physiologist & Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist


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