Competition Prep


For the motivated and physique inspired client.

For good candidates seeking more extreme results coaching through a 12-week bodybuilder style lean down is available.


A preferred “Periodization” approach is used that involves moving strategically and methodically through different phases of dieting and training.


The Lean Down is a very good value at $9/week for weekly written instructions and a $60 meeting per week to check in, monitor body composition, answer burning questions and make sure client stays on track so they can turn their body into that of a Greek god or goddess.

Nutrition One Course is recommended for those interested in The Lean Down because it teaches the healthiest way to build a physique. Also, because it would be nice to keep such fit looking people in the world for everybody to see as long as possible ;)


Contact us for more info if you are interested in developing the look of a fitness model or physique competitor. Experience gained from being a Pro Natural Bodybuilder is used along with medical knowledge plus the biochemistry of food to get the best physique results possible.

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