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Understandably very disruptive to day-to-day living, excessive fatigue or exhaustion can make it impossible to accomplish your daily goals.


Energy production, as a body process, is the most foundational item we insist people focus on. Whether the symptom being experienced is fatigue or something more serious like cancer it still all boils down to how well the body is capable of producing energy.


Since energy production requires various hormones, nutrients, neurotransmitters, enzymes, OXYGEN, and even fuel (the right food) there are many areas that need to be examined to identify the root cause of the fatigue so it can be eliminated.

Diagnosing fatigue includes ruling out certain medical conditions that can cause fatigue, such as diabetes and anemia. After these are ruled out, each link in the process of energy production must be examined methodically, systematically and with intent to uncover the weak link. You can expect to be asked questions about your nutritional habits, activity levels, social patterns, and sleep quality to help identify possible reasons for your fatigue.


Along with a detailed review of your medical history, various blood tests and other diagnostic studies can help determine if your fatigue is a result of another medical condition or actually a breakdown in the energy production process. The results of these diagnostic studies also help determine what treatment is most effective, which often requires a multi-pronged approach.

So where are the top places we look for what is disturbing the body’s ability to produce energy?

Dysglycemia-Inability to regulate blood glucose levels.

  • What food is eaten in the daily diet? How much? When?
    Need to think: protein, fat and fiber
  • Hormone levels? Ie Testosterone increases insulin sensitivity
  • Test -insulin, HbA1c, glucose-insulin interaction, fructose metabolism, hormones


Gut disturbances

  • Food insensitivities/intolerances? Leaky gut?
  • Test-MRT



  • Where are the lights when you sleep? electrical gadgets?
  • Are you asleep by 10pm? Asleep all night? Wake up by natural light or obnoxious alarm?
  • Is your Circadian rhythm off? Adrenal glands must have a predictable rhythm of cortisol production…should be high in the morning and low at night
  • Test-24-hour urine cortisol


Thyroid function

  • T3 Thyroid hormone determines metabolic rate
  • Test- TSH, FreeT4, Free T3, rT3, Thyroid antibodies


Nutritional deficiencies

  • Most people eat stuff that is in a wrapper. In their car. They eat foods that contain adulterated (hydrogenated) oils, fructose.
  • Again…Need to think: protein, fat and fiber
  • Test-SpectraCell Micronutrient Test (MNT) will reveal intracellular nutrient levels of 35 different critical nutrients such as B vitamins, Carnitine, Lipoic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, CoQ10
  • Organic Acid Test-shows how well fat and carbohydrates are metabolized


Inflammation-this is rampant in our population today

  • What quality water do you drink, tap water? Tap water contains chlorine, fluoride, your neighbors Rxs.
  • Pesticides, GMO food?
  • Toxins in hygiene products…shampoos, make up, deodorant?
  • Chronic low grade infections? – happens A LOT. Intestinal parasites/bacteria/fungus/mold. More extreme would be Lyme, Mono.
  • Heavy metal toxicities? -common too. Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic….
  • Consuming High Glycemic foods? This perpetuates inflammation vis hyperinsulinemia
  • Test-various CRP, Leptin, Met-Oxy (malondialdihyde), SPECTROX, 8OHdG (on organic acids test)

What is the treatment for fatigue?

  • Changes in diet
  • Increased physical activity
  • Addressing digestive and immunologic health
  • Stress reduction
  • Targeted supplements
  • Rx only if necessary (short term)

Any statements made are for educational purposes only. They do not constitute medical advice, do not substitute for proper medical evaluation from a qualified medical provider nor create a doctor/patient relationship. If you would like medical advice please ask your doctor.