Traditional nutrition consultations consist of a nutritionist giving you little pamphlets or booklets that contain generic government guidelines and pictures of the food pyramid as if you have NEVER seen THOSE before….

Prepare to be AMAZED!

They may even give you a pre-printed 1200, 1500 or 1800 calorie diet that obviously is not tailored to your unique health, Rx drugs or activity level. They may even give you the famous “portion size” show using little plastic foods and sell you vitamin packs you don’t need or maybe even “fat burners” that won’t work.


This is useless and a waste of both your time and money. We have a reputation for getting healthy lasting results because we take a simple scientific approach to food and keep it the enjoyable experience it is meant to be. We won’t muddy your head up with a bunch of confusing information that will leave you with no idea how you can apply it in real life, but we will refresh your memory on how your body functions.


 We practice what we preach 100% and it works. We will never suggest you follow a commercial or fad diet or count total daily calories. The only way to eat for permanent health improvement will be taught to you in only 1-2 meetings.

Nutrition One: The Science           Nutrition Two: The Food


  • Appropriate measurements are considered (body composition, waist measurements, blood pressure, blood sugar), & recommendations for blood testing of hormone levels and markers of aging are given
  • Any health conditions or medicines that may affect your weight or nutritional requirements are considered (MANY clients eliminate the need for medicines!)
  • You will be truly educated regarding your meals as they relate to health & exercise intensity levels
  • Specific dietary suggestions are offered
  • We help you formulate the deliberate plan to change your body…permanently
  • Review will be done by licensed pharmacist of any current supplements/ Rxs you are taking
  • You will learn what non-drug alternatives have true merit, separating truth from gimmick.
  • You will learn how your body can age remarkably well and recover from chronic medical conditions

Any statements made are for educational purposes only. They do not constitute medical advice, do not substitute for proper medical evaluation from a qualified medical provider nor create a doctor/patient relationship. If you would like medical advice please ask your doctor.