Our philosophy is: Only take a supplement if it is justified.

Unnecessary supplements won’t fix you. Fixing you fixes you.

Symptoms and nutrient measurements are used to suspect or diagnose a nutrient deficiency.


Don’t take a supplement because you “read” it was good or a friend takes it and looks and feels great. ONLY take a supplement if YOU are deficient in it. Don’t take something for because you think it’s “insurance”.

Any nutrient confirmed to be deficient needs to be restored with an effective bio-available product not an inferior formula from a discount store.


High quality need not be expensive. There are excellent pharmaceutical grade nutrients our professionals can suggest to you should you need a nutrient correction. Of course, supplements should not be forever, they should be needed only while you are making the body system corrections and food adjustments necessary to keep your nutritional status functionally optimal.


Your INTRACELLULAR nutrient status will be determined by a SpectraCell Micro-nutrient test. (See Lab test section)

Any statements made are for educational purposes only. They do not constitute medical advice, do not substitute for proper medical evaluation from a qualified medical provider nor create a doctor/patient relationship. If you would like medical advice please ask your doctor.