Weight Loss


Prepare for AMAZING results!

The way to lose weight permanently is to be metabolically AEROBIC. Aerobic people burn a lot of fat day in and day out.

This does NOT mean you have to do traditional “aerobic” exercises like a hamster running around a wheel.

Question: How do I become aerobic? Answer: By optimizing your ability to utilize oxygen


People typically complain that they are fat or tired or have a health condition or are bothered by annoying symptoms.


Improving oxygen utilization is physiologically the ONLY way you can  burn fat, produce boundless energy and eliminate disease/symptoms!


Don’t get sucked in by the latest thing that sounds good. The ability to utilize oxygen is how the human body has always worked and will continue to work as fads come and go. People have managed to really screw up their ability to utilize oxygen. We will show you how to fix that.


Think back to remember the Mitochondria from 7th grade Life Science or High School Biology…this is the part of the cell where fat is used up to extract the energy from oxygen…


The history is there. Otto Warburg, back in 1924 said: “disease (he was referring to cancer specifically) is damaged mitochondria. The cell is not able to use oxygen to make energy from fat therefore, it is relying on a primitive activity of taking glucose and fermenting it for energy.”


The problem is, not enough energy can be produced this way. The mitochondria are defective. If you can’t burn fat, it stays on your body. If you can’t burn fat, you can’t make enough energy. Without adequate cellular energy, the body can’t make necessary repairs and conditions like cancer or cardiovascular disease happen.


If the energy producing system in your cells is left to decline, you are surely well on your path to accelerated fat gain, aging, deterioration and disease.

Prepare for AMAZING results!

Optimize your hormones (simple & inexpensive)

  • Optimal hormones are ONE major factor that help you improve oxygen utilization.
  • Prescription hormone replacement is not always necessary for everyone.
  • You are made up of a lot more than just the sex hormones.

Optimize your nutritional status (simple &  inexpensive…you have to eat, right?)

  • Adequate nutrients are also needed to improve oxygen utilization and therefore energy production (i.e. fat and carb burning). The SpectraCell micronutrient test identifies your INTRACELLULAR levels of nutrients.

Proper type of exercise at the correct intensity.

  • Many people do way too much cardio.

If these 3 components are satisfied and you STILL are hitting a brick wall we:

  • Identify and eliminate the cause of your hang up
  • Create a plan to dig out of your hole

At your 1st meeting we will show you factors that YOU can easily control in your daily lifestyle to increase oxygen utilization so you will be able to stay youthful, lean and avoid disease.

It’s easy to take health for granted when we “feel” pretty good but just want to “lose a few pounds”. We tend to think major diseases could “never happen to me”. We can’t even tell you how many people have told us they don’t care about health, they would just like to be thinner!


These people obviously have no idea how dying from cancer or having a heart attack or being on dialysis must feel. Dumb is deadly.


While you are waiting for the bad news that you have a disease, you look in the mirror daily and are disappointed by the wrinkles, sagginess, belly pooch and other signs of aging. These are all signs of decreased oxygen utilization. You can do something about it.


You have been misled by a lifetime of myths and promise for quick fixes. Lose 10 lbs in 3 days. Every ad you see is just clever marketing disguised as science. Disgusting.


We have taught countless clients for years how to get the PERMANENT body of their dreams safely and systematically.


These are the most common questions we get concerning weight loss and we answer them all:

  • I don’t eat much, why can’t I lose weight?
  • What is the best diet to follow?
  • How many calories should I eat?
  • Should I avoid carbs and grains?
  • What should I eat before/after workouts?
  • Do I really need to cut out alcohol?
  • Should I do a detox or cleanse?
  • Do sleep habits and stress really affect weight?
  • How should I eat to get 6 pack abs?


We keep things simple but if a person is far from their goal or have failed in their attempts, there is no way we can de program their google-media twisted mind in one meeting. Those who were not willing to go through the simple fundamentals to get what they wanted, found frustration, got sub optimal results or continued to experience failure.


We have taken great care to provide the highest quality at the most economical price.


If you would like to make an appointment to address any of the components (illustrated above) as they relate to your situation please call or email for more specific information on that component.


  “If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself”

-George Burns 1896-1996

Any statements made are for educational purposes only. They do not constitute medical advice, do not substitute for proper medical evaluation from a qualified medical provider nor create a doctor/patient relationship. If you would like medical advice please ask your doctor.