Weight Training

SUPERIOR PROCESS – To preserve what Mother Nature gave you before Father Time takes it away

Prepare for AMAZING results!

The process we use is a superior way to alter body composition and improve health and longevity. Although you will likely see weight loss (if your hormonal environment is favorable and you are eating as we say), don’t expect to see significant physical muscular changes in the first month. Many positive neuromuscular things will be happening though, inside that you can’t see at first. We “develop” bodies for permanent change. If you plan on living another 40 days go ahead and do the lose-40lbs-in-40 days quick weight loss diet trick but if you plan on living another 40 years in a youthful healthy body you need to learn the correct and most efficient way to do that.


For Personal Training, we offer 3 levels of trainers priced according to level of experience. $75 – $85 – $95 per session. Training sessions are tailored according to specific goals, physical limitations and medical conditions. Each session will contain education regarding perfection in form and technique. Explanation of exercises and the muscles involved are focused upon.


Body composition measurements will be recorded to establish and monitor progress.


Nutrition guidance is based on solid science is available. Our Nutritional Therapist is available to fine tune any diet issues you may have.

What is the process to begin training?

No Cross Fit, Biggest Loser, Xtreme, Insanity workouts with us!  We like to keep all of our joints for the rest of our lives and figure you do too. That being said, first we schedule a BioMechanical assessment. A discussion of your current medications and physical limitations are reviewed along with what your desired goals are.


To get you to your fitness goals, factors like age, gender, body fat %, lifestyle will be taken into consideration. For the over 40 crowd we consider if hormone deficiencies have hindered your progress in the past. (Pharmacist certified in hormone optimization is available on site).


We also ask you what you typically eat.


We believe “You can’t help the outside until you know what’s happening on the inside”.

What is a training session like?

Personal training sessions will start with addressing stabilization to develop optimal communication between your nervous system and muscular system. If your stabilization is inefficient it will negatively affect the way force is produced by the muscles, increase stress at the joints, overload soft tissues and eventually cause injury. At the beginning, you will be doing a fair amount of postural, body weight & some gym machine exercises. Everything you do during exercise originates in your nervous system. To lose fat faster or build muscle faster you will need to improve your nervous system signaling.


We will then progress to machines to strengthen and balance your prime mover muscles. If you are not balanced all 3 ways- i.e. top to bottom…side to side…front to back, your stronger muscles will naturally stop growing and strengthening to protect your weaker muscles from injury. Most people have major imbalances from front to back because we do everything to the front because our eyes and hands are in the front of our bodies. Quads dominate hamstrings. “Pushing” muscles like chest and anterior deltoids overshadow the “pulling” muscles in the back like lats and rhomboids. We will be rather demanding that you use proper form and posture during exercises. Improper form reinforces muscle imbalances and won’t get you to your goal.


As you perform each exercise we will remind you to “stabilize” your body before moving. You will progress to using free weights and be instructed to use fluid controlled movements to increase coordination. Poor movement control= Poor coordination. Poor coordination= Poor muscular strength. Free weights like dumbbells, strengthen stabilizer muscles such as rotator cuffs and core muscles to increase your coordination. The first few weeks will also include some isometric contractions of muscle groups. Combining this in a balance challenging environment (proprioceptively enriched) forces the body to recruit more muscle to stabilize itself and in doing so also burns more calories. Stabilization and muscle endurance, allows you to maintain good posture all day long so you can happily eliminate backaches caused by muscle imbalances. By correcting prime mover muscle imbalances, developing increased coordination and using proper form………. we can then safely bump up your weight load to increase your muscular strength and sculpt your muscles if that is the look you are after.


If you have a muscle building or extreme physique goal we have a pro natural physique competitor who can coach you through that process successfully using bodybuilding “periodization” training.

Any statements made are for educational purposes only. They do not constitute medical advice, do not substitute for proper medical evaluation from a qualified medical provider nor create a doctor/patient relationship. If you would like medical advice please ask your doctor.